Introspection - February 2014


  • The Lego Movie - When I saw The Lego Movie trailer, I'll have to admit I was a bit skeptical that it was going to be a huge letdown. Boy was I wrong. I absolutely loved it. And I really want to go back and see it again, because Everything is Awesome!
  • Airplane! - After seeing all the quotes on the Internet about referencing Airplane!, I finally sat down to watch it. Not disappointed. Funny.


  • Brita water filter - I got tired of drinking the crap water in the dorm, so I broke down and bought a water pitcher. I should have bought this much sooner. Water tastes good again!
  • Rainjacket - I've started developing my senior software engineering project. It takes data from and turns it into plain-English sentences. I've got a pre-alpha running at if you want to check it out.