📔 2019: A Recap

(Apparently my goal is to post this later and later each year because it's midway through January and I'm only now making this.)

🚆 While I've ridden Amtrak before (mainly to visit NYC in 2017), the 2019 Birthday Trip was traveling from San Francisco to Chicago. Here is a stop in Elko, NV, at 9p; temperature: 17°F. The California Zephyr is a treasure, and you should ride it.

‎👶 Hello, Clara Mae. My niece was born this year, and in this photo she's in the "I'm a warm, cute, quiet potato" stage. As the year progresses, you'll see that change.

🏥 In April, I experienced dull, aching, immobilizing pain in my back which left me unable and unwilling to move. At all. One quick ER visit later, and I'm given pain pills and muscle relaxers. I've got a messed up spine and will probably have dull pain for quite a while yet. It is what it is.

🎛️ How do you describe @marcrebillet? Maybe "improv musician that makes cocaine feel like a depressant"? He came to Orlando, a friend and I went, and it was everything I hoped it would be. "Concert" #1 of the year.

🐝 The annual HOBY group photo. Group B was the best, and I always feel more optimistic about the future and our youth after it. The kids are alright, and so will we be.

🎼 @florenceandthemachine. My mom was visiting, and because I had tickets I absolutely ditched her. Florence was a special thing that I wish I could experience again and again. I now understand those fans who follow bands on tour. Concert 2/2.

👰🏻 My best friend is getting married! With that comes bachelor(ette) parties, and we had a special one with @samrawiththecamera, @whitneykni, and myself. Between aquariums and bison restaurants and parks and Jackbox games, this was a great weekend.

👔 Me, finalizing a work demo at 3:51am in Louisville, KY. Here I am working (and stressing) to get everything done. (Demo was a massive success, btw.)

💡 The year is over, and you don't need to look any further than where Clara Mae is now: guiding people where she wants to go and having an unhealthy interest in hallway lights. CM, I can't wait to see everything that you do.