For my senior capstone software development course, we had to build a product from scratch and give semi-weekly reports on our progress. I built a weather app.

But this isn't your mother's weather app. Oh no. Instead of getting something that looks like:

I'll give you something like this

Give a high five for a high in the high 70s! ....no? Okay then. Sad face...

Rainjacket gives you a plain-English, no nonsense weather forecast delivered to your inbox and phone each day. It's a one sentence summary of the day's weather that tells you everything you need to know and then gets out of your way. Expect snark, jokes, and pop-culture references. Also expect bugs, environmental disasters, and wishes that sometimes turn into horses

If you're into that sort of thing, you should check it out. My classmates were pretty interested in it, but they're all nerds so you shouldn't let that influence you.