Introspection - January 2017

It's been almost two years since my last Introspection. Which is entirely too long. But! As is tradtion, this will only be the updates for the month of January, 2017.


  • Die Hard - Yes, the original. The first. Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman (!!!), I know. I'm only just now watching it because 1) I only recently realized it was a Christmas film, 2) I had a coupon, and 3) Yes I'm watching it in January, so sue me. I really enjoyed it apart from the barefoot glass walking and am keeping an eye out on the sequels to go on sale, too. R.I.P. Alan Rickman.
  • Alice Through the Looking Glass - The best character of this film is Time or Tick-Tock or whatever nickname you yourself came up for him; he saved this movie. Honestly? You could've made an original film with original characters and the plot wouldn't suffer. Which is totally a knock against it when it had Alice and the Mad Hatter. This is not to suggest that I didn't enjoy this film; on the contrary, I had a splendid time watching it. But it's nothing special.
  • Parks and Recreation - My friends have been trying for years to get me to watch this show, and wow have I been missing out. I've only just finished Season 2, but yes gimme more!


Starting a new section this year with Travel. In 2017, I decided that, instead of going on one large trip (like I did with London 2016), I would go on several smaller budget trips throughout the year. Beginning with:

  • Boston - Sure it was less than 30F most of the weekend, but I had a wonderful time. I spent most of the time walking the Freedom Trail and learning (or re-learning) what history I could. Absolutely wonderful trip made better with a <$90 round-trip airfare. This is also the first time I stayed in a hostel to which my review is: it's a college dorm but with grown-ups.

Introspection - March 2014

I've had two job interviews (well four really since each came with a second round) and have yet to hear back from any of them. Which I'm fine with; too much other stuff is going on, what with me trying to wrap this thesis up not to mention just the general drudgery of college courses.

Fun fact time. At my first interview, he asked me about my software development skills: "On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being amazing, where do you see yourself?" I thought for a minute and then said "Um, a 6 or a 7." And then I added "...if you view it as a logarithmic scale." I'm sure that level of nerdery single-handedly caused me to be selected for that second round.


  • Non-Stop - I went into this knowning not a lot about the film other than Liam Neeson was being Liam Neeson on an airplane so I was thrilled to discover that it also featured Corey Stoll and Michelle Dockery. Such a nice surprise. The ending didn't seem that thought out though so that was a bit of a bummer.
  • How to Train Your Dragon - There's only one reason why I didn't see How to Train Your Dragon before now, and it's a sad one: I thought that since it was Dreamworks it wouldn't be that good. Man I was wrong. I've already got HtTYD2 on my calendar.


  • I've been listening to The Everything Store on Audible. It's about Jeff Bezos and, and it's absolutely fascinating. If you're into Amazon or Bezos or marketing or technology companies, you should buy this. I'm seriously considering giving a copy to my marketing professor at the end of the semester.

Introspection - February 2014


  • The Lego Movie - When I saw The Lego Movie trailer, I'll have to admit I was a bit skeptical that it was going to be a huge letdown. Boy was I wrong. I absolutely loved it. And I really want to go back and see it again, because Everything is Awesome!
  • Airplane! - After seeing all the quotes on the Internet about referencing Airplane!, I finally sat down to watch it. Not disappointed. Funny.


  • Brita water filter - I got tired of drinking the crap water in the dorm, so I broke down and bought a water pitcher. I should have bought this much sooner. Water tastes good again!
  • Rainjacket - I've started developing my senior software engineering project. It takes data from and turns it into plain-English sentences. I've got a pre-alpha running at if you want to check it out.